Interactive Media

Cycles - Martin Messier

Installation for exhibitions


Redesigning the control circuitry of the motors, optimizing the C++ and Max/MSP code, and assembling the circuit during an internship at

What does it mean to have a brain?
Dynamic Piece with physical stimuli

Musical Composition, Sound Desing, Spatialization 5.1, Arduino programming, filtering and processing of EEG data in Max/MSP, dynamic composition in Max/MSP 

Arduino, electroencephalogram (EEG), Max/MSP, Open Sound Control, motors, micro-vibrators, gyroscope, digital signal processing

A dynamic piece that, using an electroencephalogram equipped with a gyroscope, responds to the subject's brainwaves, certain facial muscles, and head position. Based on the collected data, the piece arranged in Max/MSP will modify its structure and engage in certain physical stimuli through micro-vibrators, "slappers" on the calves, and LED lights. 


Pop-up exposition at Place-des-Arts, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Presented at Elektra/Materia Festival

Materia performance.MOV

Open Sound Control, Max/MSP

Sound design, Max/MSP patch programming for interactive audio based on skateboard movement, and network management for OSC signals. 

For this project, it was necessary to conceive and assemble an exhibition in three days based on skateboard sonic textures. The performance, in collaboration with the skater Alexis Lacroix, consists of two components.
The first component involved creating a percussive rhythm using live recordings of the skateboard.
The second component, using a second skateboard, utilized the angular velocity on the skateboard's Z-axis to control the audio.

Glove DIY for real-time sonic manipulations

Arduino, gyroscope, flex sensors, Max/MSP

(Video - skip to 5:15 for the full demonstration)
Tool for audio performativity being imported into a buffer~, with the following parameters:

Hand rotation on the X-axis: Speed of buffer~ playback (varying the pitch)
Hand rotation on the Y-axis: Left-right panning
Index finger flexion: Amplitude modulation speed
Middle finger flexion: Left channel filter cutoff frequency
Ring finger flexion: Right channel filter cutoff frequency
Little finger flexion: Modulation speed of both filter cutoff frequencies

Signal flow of G-Love