Audio Visual

The Architecture of Memories
Done in collaboration with

Residency at the Society of Technological Arts (SAT) - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Presented at the following festivals:
Ars Electronica - Linz,  Austria
Athens Digital Arts Festival - Athens, Greece

Surround sound, Spat Gris, Max/MSP,  Reaper, OSC, Virtual Reality

Musical composition, Sound design, algorithmic spatialization (32.2), and scenarization in collaboration with the visual artist Mathieu Deblois (

Perpetual Journey: The Architecture of Memories was first initiated as part of a residency at the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) for the project NUAGES in a full-dome and multichannel environment. It was then converted into a Virtual Reality piece which was selected for festivals such as Ars Electronica and Athens Digital Art Festival (ADAF).  

Don't Forget To See Your Father

Presented at Film Shortage Festival, Online
Best pick of the month of November 2023

Presented at Hudson Film Festival, Hudson, Québec, Canada

On-set recording technician, Musical Composition, Sound Design, Foley, Mixing, Spatialization 5.1

Once Upon a Time on the Mound
Presented at the following festivals
Fantasia - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Perséides -  Percé,  Quebec, Canada

Musical Composition, Sound design, Foley, Mixing